It’s a fruit-bearing project

Karpophoreō is a Greek word; it means “to bear fruit in every good work”.  It’s all over the Christian New Testament.  When we heard that word, we saw a job description.  The Karpophoreō Project (KP) bears real fruit (…and vegetables and farm-fresh products!) in the truly good work of reclaiming our barren and underutilized landscapes.  We aim to be a blessing to the environment, to the social fabric, and to the lives of beautiful people across the city of Austin.

It’s a community-project

KP and the HOW program work with a community of men, women, and families that once suffered from chronic homelessness, most having experienced at least one year on the street.  The marks of such homelessness go much deeper than can be solved solely by the acquisition of a home.  KP is a community environment, fostering an environment for healthy interactions with each other and a positive contributor to the city.

It’s an empowerment-project

Every person has a voice with a distinctive story and specific skills they can offer the world.  Every person plays a necessary part for someone in the world.  How does a formerly homeless person get in position to play the role of their lifetime?  That’s where KP comes in.  We provide a basic set of skills and employment opportunities that can help take the financial edge off societal reintroduction.


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