…the following businesses for their generous support:

The Sustainable Food Center – Without their amazing expertise and Grow Local program, KP would be short two invaluable resources.

Food Heads – Chip and the gang at Foodheads  have been host to several KP staff gatherings and generously offered KP it’s first vehicle donation and a host of kitchen appliances.

Break It Down Austin – Jeff and Melanie are our go-to composting experts.  They offered their informational services at our 2nd Backyard Garden dig at the Hardin household.  Thanks and many blessings to you!

Vignette Photography – We have Elizabeth and James to thank for the beautiful pictures of Mississippi, Sam, and the Hardin family for our promotional booth. They have been such a pleasure to work with.

Dominican Joe – This famous Austin coffee beacon gave us a discount on our Do-Jo-To Go order which proved invaluable for our first ever info session.  (There is speculation that KP would not have received the number of Backyard Garden orders that were placed that day were it not for this invaluable product placement!)

Andrew Shapter – This rising documentarian generously paused his busy schedule to film a mini-documentary of the Habitat on Wheels program.  His film debuted at the Austin Symposium for the Homeless at St Edwards University.

Citizen Gardener – Next to Batman and Robin, the duo of Pierce and Clark (the founding pair of this veritable institution) is the most famous combo in Austin.  Formidable as they may be, they have placed KP on the radar of their well trained Citizen Gardener alumni volunteer list.  Thank you CG for sharing your experience and work ethic!

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