Sometimes, the normality of the lives that these men and women lead before becoming homeless truly hits you at the core. It’s almost as if they were the person growing up next door, our best friend even. By their life, they remind you that you could have been homeless yourself.

Mississippi is one of those people.

Growing up in (you guessed it!) Mississippi, Mississippi loved baseball, played the tuba, went to public school and had a ton of friends. He knew a guy that would go on to play professional football for the Oakland Raiders. He still remembers every single one of his elementary school teachers. And he always wanted to be in broadcasting, which, if you heard his voice, you’d know why.

He went off to college, even played some football himself. Of course, he studied broadcasting and communications. And he DJ’d all the while.

He met a young lady, fell in love, and got married at 27. She worked for IBM, he was pursuing broadcasting, his childhood dream. Life was good.

Then, things started to unravel. His wife got transferred to different cities a few times, and the moving started to wear on them. After three years (when he was 30), they separated. They thought it was best. He stayed in Austin, she moved away.

After a few years of having a nice job, his department was evaporated, and he moved on. Being unable to find sustainable income, he got into something he knew wasn’t right – dealing drugs.

The first thirty years of Mississippi’s life were rather common. A great childhood, a degree from college, a young lady as his bride; it was all there. But, after believing it best to let each other each pursue their individual careers led to a divorce, things started going down a dark path. Soon, the love of money and greed made the path worse.

Getting into drugs was never part of the plan for Mississippi. His life was normal, probably very similar to yours and mine. But, as Mississippi says, when you don’t put Jesus first, it’s easy to chase things that will lead us down a road of destruction. That’s exactly what happened to him.

Thankfully, things have a way of catching up to us. Mississippi  spent some in jail, then found himself homeless. While it appeared bleak, God had a plan.

Meeting the right people, jumping headfirst into the program, and the Lord’s help all contributed to bringing Mississippi into the HOW program. Now a part of KP, he is eager to share his story – the whole story – and continue to pursue his lifelong dream of broadcasting.

You can listen to him via our podcasts (coming soon!) or look for him at one of our outings. We currently have openings for podcast sponsors so that Mississippi can use his incredible broadcasting skills to make a living.

For more information, contact us at kproject.mlf@gmail.com

Written by Chris Frank

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